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Note that this is not a complete wiki; this is simply a list of resources your characters would know by default.
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Map of the Shackles
Map of the Inner Sea
Popular ports
Pirate Code
Besmara, the Pirate Goddess
The Wormwood (the ship you are on)

Welcome to the Shackles, a island-chain nation
that celebrates freedom above all else!

This nation is on the Southwest end of the Inner Sea region, on a popular shipping lane. The eternal hurricane known as the Eye of Abendego – this super hurricane throws out smaller ones in all directions, but the island nation of the shackles creates a natural barrier most ships sail through to be a part of the western shipping lanes. Thus, the pirates dug in and established a working nation of sorts. 

The Shackles is one of the most diverse nations, a real melting pot from all over. Almost every city is a port of some kind, and every citizen some type of lawless thug, whether kind-hearted or cruel, as a result of piracy being it's main…export.

Although anyone can claim themselves a pirate, the best of the best are known as Free Captains, officially recognized by the Hurricane King himself. Whereas most nations have letters of marque – official documents granting rights to openly hunt outlaws on the high seas – the Shackles gives out letters officially granting permission to loot and plunder any vessel from any nation, with the blessing and full support of the Shackles. 

Regardless of the background, the players in this campaign find their characters in a bar inside Port Peril, partaking in the gambling, songs, drinks and even friendly fights.  What happens next is anyone's guess in this crazy nation. 

Main Page

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