The Pirates who don't do anything

Gettin' Yer Sea Legs
(And sea smooches!)

These gang adjusts to living on the high seas, and do their best to stay afloat (metaphorically speaking of course, literally speaking it's VERY easy to stay floating on a ship!). Even if it didn't start out on their own terms, they are determined to make the best of it, and become the best sea criminals ever! They even start their own buddy club, and everyone is invited! 

They do lots of amazing things, like gambling, and winning at gambling! And so far, none of them have been singled out for not pulling their own weights. 
In particular, Sam gained the gift of love, totally messed up a dude real bad with his pain skills, and then spit on him!  Kapeck made the worlds tastiest grilled cheese, bought Grok a gift of chocolates, and serenaded the Captain over dinner (what a romantic, dreamy bird boy!). Treebeard starts showing signs of a workaholic, but in doing so makes a great friend (ME! RAANDYY! I was writing this journal the whole time!). And Rei talks and sings her way out of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING…except swabbing the deck!

Time will tell how this goes, but I have a feeling about these guys! And that feeling is love!

A night of fun gone too far
First run - er, fall?

Our adventure starts in Port Peril
Like any night in Port Peril, the notorious drinking establishment The Formidably Maid was having a fun, if not rough party. At this establishment, 8 particular people sit around the bar counter in a sort of group by association more than anything else. 
As the night goes on, things get quite crazy, and our gang finds they may have trouble finding the bathroom or exit, but are incredible at finding the floor. 

Waking up shanghaied, they now serve aboard the Wormwood under Captain Barnabas Harrigan. How will they adjust to their new indentured and adventurous lifestyle? 
So far, Sam has gained a lot of experience with ropes and feathers and moved on to become the ship Rigger. Kapeck kickstarted a new culinary career and found new (wrong) ways to sleep in a hammock. Treebeard convinced someone to drink their worries (and life) away, shortly after making (and losing) new rat-friends. Reika begins the fast-track for training as a Captain, and gets a bitchin' sweet hat. 


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