The Pirates who don't do anything

The island that ate my friends!

Dark swamps and bright phantoms

Hoo boy, lots has happened since I last wrote in this! 
My sweet sweet friends have come a long way, and for better or worse, made a name for themselves on the Wormwood! We now have a lot of crew mates who think we are awesome, and a lot of them who want us dead (or worse, to do a hit to us!).
They really came into their own when holding down the steering deck on the Man's Promise – Kapeck entered a ballista fight with a crossbow and won! Smilin' Sam got so mad he started throwing people off the ship, Treebeard became a frogman, and Rei channeled a frogman!
A LOT of people died!
They did a lot of hits, but I still love them. 
After that, most of the crew were split up between the two new ships, and by luck (or our friend Plugg) a lot of our friends made it with us on the Man's Promise. The ship ran aground near an island though, and we got sent onto a nearby island to get supplies and secretly rescue our friend Sandra… 

I've been assigned to watching the away ship – so now I'm writing this while I wait for my friends to come back on this spooky island, which is scary but also radical! They made friends with a ghost! How awesome is that??

But I hope they find what they need soon, because I've been waiting here half a day already…But that's okay! It gave me time to write this. I know they'll get through this and we can get back to the important stuff like smooches and sea burglary. 


Captain_Mendez Captain_Mendez

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